This page is made because we get more than 50 emails per day asking for the same question over and over.So please contact us only if these Answers don’t full-fill your questions :)


What’s idealuser? 

Idealuser is a blog filled with Windows Customization, Tips Tricks and Cracks and Serial Keys. idealuser is a famous blog  for releasing Cracks and Serials for the Latest versions of applications and games. Most of the world-famous applications and games have been cracked by Idealuser developers team. And also our Cracks can be found in many other web pages.

What’s meaning of IdealUser ?

Who are the admins of this blog ?

We have a number of admins now. But most of them act anonymously

Where are the admins from ?

Sorry we cannot tell you where we are from.

But we can give you a hint : We’re not from where you think we are

Can I be an admin too ?

Of course yes. Start as a cracker writing posts. First you have to create an On Idealuser ID.

Create IdealUser ID

Is  is a blog of IdealUser ?

No,It’s fake blog created by some one copying our blog.You know what’s the best ;)

Can I Help You?

Of course you can, we created a special Help Page for that : See it Here

Do you have Apps for Mobile Phones ?yeah we do. currently we have apps for iOS and Android. you can download apps from the following site


How do you create Cracks,Patches or Software ?

We have a developer team that is powered with some awesome programming skills.So If you learn programming, debugging and reversing you can create cracks or any other software too

Do you offer any source to learn about creating Cracks?

Not yet. maybe in future

What Programming Languages do IdealUser Developers Use?

We Use Delphi,Python,Visual Studio & Hydora

Whats the CMS you are using ?

We use WordPress/ Blogger

Where have you hosted this blog ?

Somewhere only we know ツ

Whats the operating system you are using for server-side ?

Dedicated Server powered by centos 6 – 64 bit

Anywhere I can check the Server/System Status ?

yes here. System Status

What’s the meaning of SSD Powered ?

SSD is one the fastest Disk Drive technologies We have hosted our blog in one of them

Stats and Cost

Can I advertise Here?

No sorry. We have no free slots at the moment


Can you help me in private ?

No Sorry. Steps + Comment Replies + Forum help is all we can do

Can I create a blog too ?

Yeah.Why not ? Just try WordPress,Blogger or any other platform.But it will the best if you can host one of your own.

What’s the password for zip files those download from IdealUser  ?

We have removed almost all the passwords and re-uploaded them as ‘.rar’ files.But if it asks for a password.It will always be the word given below


What software do you use to Design Graphics

We use Gimphoto + Gimpad as we hate commercial Software

How can I subscribe to this blog?

Subscribing details are given in the top right side of the web page.Use Email/SMS to subscribe

Do you charge for SMS Alerts ?

No,We don’t But  Since the SMS Alerts are powered by Twitter,they may charge you.But it depends on the country you live.Check it from twitter

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