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About me: My name is Aakif Husain  and I am an introvert. I entered in the blogosphere since 2013 but in my early days of blogging, I did a lot of mistakes like as every other newbie.
Sometimes even I copied other bloggers' genuine content without knowing anything about plagiarism lol. Later I realized the real meaning of blogging and what it takes to become a blogger.

I bought my first domain name in 2015 and dropped it in 2016 because still I was nowhere and blogging about any topic whatever came in my mind.

But by the time I dropped my first domain name, I had a strong base and clear idea for starting a new blog from scratch with passion and niche I am interested in.

It was later in December 31st, 2013, I bought this domain name and I am in love with this one. :)

I chose Blogger platform over WordPress because Blogger Platform is much more versatile and newbie friendly.

There are thousands of tutorials already written on internet about any possible problem you'll ever face in Blogger.

Within a few days of your blogging on Blogger, you'll start exploring its interface like a pro. You can customize your template code easily and make your blog design more personal and professional.

I have no diploma in Computer education but I learnt everything by the time reading tutorials on internet and now I can even design a template for blogger.

When a person like me with no diploma in computer education can do it, so you can do it too. Fuel your burning desire every time, every day.

If you ever need my help on your blogger template customization, I am always free. :)

You can join me by subscribing for free updates via email subscription or by joining me on social networks.  Thanks for taking time for reading about me, Stay safe and Happy Blogging Pals!

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