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HomeGuard Pro v6.5.1 Computer Monitoring Software

HomeGuard is a propelled software for the development and monitoring of relations using the PC. It fits this software for giving away Internet and non-Internet exploits of any entity who works with the PC. You can likewise explicitly exclude some cases or locales.
HomeGuard Pro v6.5.1 Computer Monitoring Software
HomeGuard Pro v6.5.1 Computer Monitoring

It provides this software for taking photographs of everything being equal or notwithstanding sparing individuals’ talks. Likewise, to pass up from sitting idle playing You can easily put them from running with no support.

With this software, you can set the utilization of any program you need, and even the software can inform you about the time the programs kept running by relatives. Subsequently, guardians can completely monitor their kids and their usage of the PC.

Key Features of HomeGuard:

  • - Superior monitoring and monitoring
  • - Get a screenshot of PC screen at foreordained interims
  • -  Computer Monitor access to sites and close them off
  • - Monitor word looks in web crawlers
  • - PC Monitor email and visit and square it
  • - Start time limits for using PC programs and the Internet
  • - Ability to monitor and offset duplicating and deleting documents
  • - Automatically clear reports submitted after a fixed day and age.
  • - Monitor the application of USB drives and outer hard drives
  • - Monitor printed records
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HomeGuard Pro v6.5.1 Computer Monitoring Software:

The HomeGuard use was an incredible resource that runs secretly out of sight recording. what customers do on the Internet and offline. Every site visited, a program started, talk message sent and got, keystrokes composed. and soon will be recorded notwithstanding action based screenshots showed in the display. see for brisk flipping in numerous shots and full view for directing on clear shots.

It can besides show warnings to customers when stopping action and can send you warnings by Email when blocking. In addition, single programs utilization time limit and web use time to reduce.
HomeGuard is for all resolves and purposes difficult to be corrected, it is un closable and uninstallable except if used in the organizational secret key (provided amid establishment).

Here are key features of HomeGuard:

Keystrokes monitoring:

Record all keystrokes composed alongside the program used and window title.

Time and occasion-based screen catch:

Take screen captures at pre-defined interims and times of the day and days of the week. It will take screen captures like clockwork ordinary however can be set to accept shots as often as at regular intervals.

It can take pictures when a site is visited, a keyword is detected, a talk message or an email is sent or got a program is started, a record is printed or blocked occasions.

Keyword-based monitoring and blocking of online substance:

Use the default keyword rundown or add your own keywords, HomeGuard will record and/or block any web traffic in which these keywords show up, be it Websites, Chat messages or Email.

Keyword leaving cannot be avoided using proxies, all traffic is being analyzed paying little heed to ports or goal, while keeping up the usage of CPU and memory to a base, using driven hunt and ID adding, so adding almost no to no expense to PC and web speed.

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Sites monitoring and blocking:

Block access to sites in a pre-defined ‘dark’ list. Or then again enable access to just locales in a ‘white’ list, obstructing every single other site.

Recorded subtleties incorporate time spent on each site and they utilized which program to visit the site. As in the keyword separating over, the utilization of proxy servers to overcome blocking is futile here.

Web seek monitoring and blocking:

View and/or square keywords sought in web search tools. Right now underpins Google inquiry, Yahoo and Bing (MSN).

Email and talk monitoring and blocking:

Record full content of talk messages (Bolstered by Yahoo and MSN/Windows Live envoys) and Email (pop3/stop). Or then again (alternatively) hinder all Chat and Email traffic.

Web and PC utilization time restricting:

Set the season of day and/they can utilize or days of the week. Time cutoff points cannot be dodged by changing framework time as a matter of course time a change is obstructed for all clients and you can characterize a rundown of clients to enable time to change.

Program utilization time constraining and blocking:

Set the time at which they can utilize each program and to what extent. Or then again totally hinder certain programs. I plan this element considering unnecessary/addictive gaming.

Blocking cannot be evaded by renaming the program when a program is added to the blocking list its mark is processed and spared and it will be perceived regardless of where it is on the hard plate or what its name is.

Point by point program utilization insights:

Record the aggregate running time of the programs and the genuine time spent on each program, what number of words and characters composed and how frequently the mouse was clicked in each program, add up to bytes sent and gotten by each program and then some.

Content-based blocking:

This component is radical yet can prove helpful Squares web content by its sort. for instance, you can block all online video and blaze other website page components will appear.  (except if they additionally have blocked sorts as well) yet all recordings will be clear.

Use the inherent rundown of sorts (incorporates: exe documents, contents, recordings ..) or include a custom (MIME) type.

Association monitoring and blocking:

For cutting-edge clients, permits monitoring and obstructing of individual Internet associations by port and IP addresses.

It will likewise try to distinguish the protocol sort of association and will show point-by-point measurements on the association’s term and the transfer speed used.

Record monitoring and blocking:

Monitor and square replicating, erasing and moving of files.Printer monitor:
Monitor printed records and/or square printing out and out.

USB stockpiling media monitoring and blocking:

Monitor and alternatively square removable gadgets like USB thumb drives, outer hard circles ... and so on.

Client and time explicit monitoring:

Choose which clients to monitor and at what times.

Programmed tidy up of old records:

By default records, it will erase more. You can change this as required or begin a tidy up at whenever.

Download Link Below :

HomeGuard Pro v6.5.1  the 32-bit version - 6.9 MB

HomeGuard Pro v6.5.1  the 64-bit version - 8.3 MB

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