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Movavi Video Editor Plus 15.0.1 Create Outstanding Videos

Movavi Video Editor  160+ Creative Filters. 100+ Transitions. Use Slow Motion, Reverse, Chroma Key Cut Out Unwanted Segments. Split Videos into Parts. Add Titles and Music. Insert Smooth Transitions. Services: Improve Video Quality, Add Music, 160+ Special Effects, Apply Titles
Movavi Video Editor Plus 15
Movavi Video Editor Plus

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Movavi Video Editor is a powerful and flexible Windows Video Processor for the purpose. Movavi Video Editor Apply stylish video effects and accessories is movavi safe including cut and get video clips, crop quality, music, headrace and better! There are some interesting extra things like Plus Object Animation.

Despite its wide range of features, Movavi’s video editing software is easy to use:

Take advantage of vision and mix it with some free time to get Hollywood-related videos with ease. Movavi Video Editor Download the program and check the information on this page - is movavi safe your path to fame must have come out!
Movavi Video Editor Plus 15.0.1
Movavi Video Editor Plus 15.0.1

Upload multimedia files (Movavi Video Editor)

  • - Transfer photos from photos or cameras to your computer
  • - Capture a webcam lens and record your voice through a microphone
  • - Upload video and audio files in all suitable format: AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, WMA, etc.
  • - A digital VHS tape, recording video from a TV tuner
  • - Add photos or any other graphics file
  •  Movavi Video EditorCut unnecessary parts. Join the debris
  • - Cut the video into multiple clips as required is movavi safe
  • - Rotate and crop video to remove unwanted segments
  • - Enter a single frame or video clip with over 20 fashion transitions

Improve video quality (Movavi Video Editor)

  • - Adjust the clarity of the video
  • - Improve brightness, contrast and new color settings
  • - Balance any unstable parts is movavi safe
  • - Automatically improve video quality with Magic Enhance
  • - and more!
  •   Application title
  • - Take from over 100 fonts is movavi safe
  • - Try the word art
  • - Set color, size, and new text parameters
  • - Make a beautiful text background
  • - Rotate subtitles in any direction
  • - Make text animation
  • -...and more!

Add music. Recording a voiceover (Movavi Video Editor)

  1. - Upload background music and sound effects in MP3, WMA or all new suitable format is movavi safe
  2. - Capturing sound of a MIDI keyboard, electric piano or new instrument attached inside your computer
  3. - Recording a voiceover using a microphone
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Save videos in an accessible format (movavi free trial)

  • - Store video clips in popular video and audio formats for playback on your computer
  • - Watch on smartphones, tablets and new mobile devices with good output presets
  • - Make your video for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or any other website but is movavi safe.

System Requirements: (Movavi Video Editor)

  1. -Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  2. - Intel or AMD or suitable dual-core processor, 1.5 GHz
  3. - NVIDIA® GeForceTM 6 series or higher with the latest drivers, AMD RadeonTM R600 or higher graphics card
  4. - Display resolution is 1024 × 768, 32-bit color is movavi safe.
  5. - 256 MB RAM for Windows XP, 512 MB RAM for Vista, 1 GB RAM for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  6. - Minimum 250 MB free hard disc space for installation and 2 GB for successful operations

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