JetAudio Plus free Download v8.1+Plus VX for PC

This article about JetAudio Plus free Download v8.1+Plus VX for PC.  Today I give you free of cost that JetAudio free download link below you can download easily and Enjoy it. 
JetAudio Plus free Download v8.1+Plus VX for PC
JetAudio Plus free Download v8.1+Plus VX for PC

JetAudio is not just a multimedia software, JetAudio Plus it is a combined multimedia software application that sets up the mission system to move executed. This software is not only for completing a quality of audio and video formats but can also work functions such as burning CDs, converting audio formats to totality different.

That Software is a comprehensive multi-media application that, besides streaming music and video files, can burn CDs, recording, converting various files to each other. JetAudio free download Also, the Mac to create a wireless Internet.

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JetAudio Plus It will be possible with the JetCast side software provided by JetAudio. Capturing analog audio files, including various Visualization plug-ins, Sound2Vision functionality, jets players various sound effects like Wide, Reverb, X-bass, multichannel audio output, etc. JetAudio Plus Other features of this new issue.

Key features of the Cowon JetAudio software:

  • - Play music and video files
  • - Burn audio CDs from audio files
  • - Record professional sound types from any input source or playback on the sound card
  • - Full edit and file details JetAudio free download.
  • - Multichannel Output Sounds
  • - Equipped with a variety of Skins
  • - Convert audio formats to one another, and convert Audio CD to current formats
  • - Various and beautiful audio effects
  •  -Provide full control of the software to the user, such as a tape recorder.
  •  -Full digital with Equalizer timer and Alarm
  • - build and save your favorite album
  • - creation Radio internet of
  • - their voices support Multi-Channel Footage
  • - Equipped with various jets players.

Skins - Various plugins installed - Beautiful skins for different tastes - Added

  • WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM formats. , and Video, and audio CD
  • - loading songs AB
  • - the Mac is to use options Bookmark
  • - History (new listings)
  • - help to remote control such as controller devices MCE and Stream zap jets players.
  • - the new system file management Audio Video Album Manager + Explorer + Device Manager
  • - JetAudio download and much more

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Plus and Basic Versions in Jetaudio Software:

Cowon has together provided 2 Plus and Primary versions, the Basic version is free and does not have all the features of the Plus version. The basic version does not have the encoding features of MP3 / MP3Pro files, and in the Plus version, sound effects are useful. To record and recording, the Plus version has many features. The Plus version has extremely useful side-features that the Basic version does not have jets players.
JetAudio is an integrated multimedia software composed of a single compact rack jets players. Not only does it play different music and video files, but it also has other features such as CD burning, recording, conversion.

Required system

  1. - Pentium 800 MHz or faster CPU
  2. - 256MB of RAM (512MB or more recommended)
  3. - 40 MB of free hard disk space
  4. - Operating system: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
  5. - Soundcard, speakers or headphones
  6. - Microphone (Optional)
  7. - Internet Connection (Optional)

Highly recommended software components:

  • DirectX 8 or higher version
  • QuickTime 4 or higher (needed to play QuickTime files)

Installation guide

Run the Installer file and install the Update file.

JetAudio free Download Link Below

JetAudio Plus free Download v8.1.rar (66 MB)

And also Plus free Download v8. VX.rar (33MB)


I hope this article would have liked you very much because in this article. how do we install JetAudio and also VX by downloading step by step? Today we learned well and I hope you too I would do just as. it was said and install it on my laptop or in Computer to complete my project if you enjoyed this article then Comment by us Thank you.