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EASEUS Todo Backup Full Free v12.0 Backup Software From The Server

In this Article, we tell you EASEUS Todo Backup Full Free v12.0 - Backup software from the server. Step by step so please read the full article and download this free software use freely.

EASEUS Todo Backup Full Free v12.0 Backup Software From The Server
EASEUS Todo Backup Full Free v12.0 Backup Software From The

EASEUS Todo Backup the Advanced Server is a dynamic and Good the backup software.
The Windows files are That is Used to the backup the Windows Server and -play computer software from the Physical and virtual Physical status.

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Easeus Todo Backup Server:

The Windows Server environment. Provides backup and recovery by this software, features such as with the high speed.

File support, problem recovery, the backup the SQL Server database retrieval and recovery.

The backup scheduling and in, ITS Comprehensive and Complete retrieval.

A remarkable feature of this software in the Mac ‘ backup on another server via FTP remote as is.

There is a good Event for Those who want to have a regular the backup.

Key features of the EASEUS Todo Backup Advanced Server software :

  • - Easy backup of the system
  • - The reliable server switching system
  • - Optimization of disks for back up closeup
  • - Backup in the multiple storage space plus 2x file protection
  • - A quick game of Cash Cash Systems’
  • - Backup to the FTP
  • - the Easy back up a closeup of the network A
  • - Supports the Windows Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008 and the Windows 2000 / XP / Vista /7

Easeus Todo Backup Home 12.0 full

EASEUS Todo Backup the Advanced Server is a professional application Designed to the providing a Comprehensive the backup and disaster recovery Solution.

It Provides Enterprises with Powerful data the backup & recovery features such as with the fast system & files the backup, disaster advanced the backup scheduler recovery.

Comprehensive the backup management tools  EASEUS Todo Backup free.

It will simplify both basic and advanced server backup & recovery management whilst minimizing server downtime as well as ensuring business continuity.

Here are key kinds of “EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 

  1. - Backup system - one-click system backup.
  2. The Back, Including the operating system and installed applications on-the
  3. -without Breaking the Windows work
  4. - Backup all files are - You CAN the BE or backed up closeup by sharing the shared files is, specified ‘ files are & folders and types of file types.
  5. - EASEUS Todo the Exchange / the SQL Server database 
  6. - A rapid and reliable the backup and failure recovery Solution to the security you're the Exchange / the SQL database.
  7. - EASEUS Todo Backup data to tape 
  8. - back up a hard disk, partition, EASEUS Todo Backup free files and database information to tape devices.
  9. -Schedule backup - Create schedules for your server backups by hour/day/week/month and automate regular backups for a “ set it and forget it “backup

Differential disk and file backup

  • capture the changes since last full disk/partition or file backup to save disk space.
  • - Incremental disk and file backup - substitute the shapes of your files since last disk/separation or file backup and manage the cache capacity
  • - Event-based backup - create backups based on events or conditions like system startup/shutdown, User the login/logout
  • - Email notification - Email notifying and Reporting to monitor by success or failure The
  • - Backup to the FTP server for double protection - Backup server the operating system and files is very remote is the FTP server and double the backup EASEUS Todo Backup free.
  • Disk and Partition backup -the substitute the of Clear hard disc, separation or the dynamic volume for a system of protection or migration.

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Recovery :
  • -Selective file recovery - selectively recover files is and folders from a backup image without Recovering the whole image.
  • - General restore ( P2P) - one-click universal restore. 
  • Easily restore the system and files to a different hardware configuration for hardware replacement or use one
  • -click universal restore to quickly complete the migration.
  • - Disk & partition recovery 
  • - Quickly recover the whole hard disk or partition to the original or different -hardware to upgrade & migrate a hard disk.
  • - Explore the backup image file
  • - Explore, copy- and the restore files are and folders Directly from the backup image in the Windows Explorer EASEUS Todo Backup free.

Comprehensive Backup Management :

  • - Delete old images - automatically delete/overwrite old images based on versions or days.
  • -EASEUS Todo Backup free the save disk space according to your own time-setting.
  • - Compression - compress backups to optimize your storage space.
  • - Splitting backups - the split the backup image files is Into sizes to of fit media.
  • - Edit, View, Delete backup task/plan in the centralized management console.
  •  - update backup turns for suitable security protection.
  • - the P2V image files are the convert support
  • - direct hard disk or partition image file.
  • -The VMware or virtual the PC the format to the run on a virtual machine.
  • - Pre/post commands -the define commands The ( scripts directory ) to EASEUS Todo Backup free.
  • -the execute the commands the rafter or the before the backup tasks.
  • - Flexible the backup storage - the backup system or data to a local hard drive.
  • -external hard drive the USB drive or the CD / a DVD for double protection the if disaster Occurs.
  • -Log recording - record and view all services for the servers.

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