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Windows Server 2019 Versions 1809 (Nov 13 Re-Release) New Latest

Windows Server 2019 Versions 1809 (Nov 13 Re-Release) New Latest

Windows Server 201 9 is the most recent age for Windows Server Working Framework, which is in the form of a late holiday and Windows Server 2016 supply.

Like the previous version, Windows Server 2019  is like Windows 10 and includes the most recent updates left for Windows 10.

With the exception of some new highlights, various changes included bug fixes and bug fixes.

Microsoft additionally presented another presentation of the Windows Server 2019, which does not have a GUI interface and is monitored with the order line;

This optimization of Windows Server has been refreshed according to Windows 10 and it is fast and secure.

Key highlights of Windows Server 2019:

  • Efficient and monitor server and virtual efficient skills
  • Back Desktop Experience Interface Picture on Windows Server
  • New system insights and continuous audit structure logs
  • Includes Boxes Administration Administration Provides Windows Admin Center
  • There is no need for the management system for Internet or Microsoft Azure
  • Introducing the new storage migration service roll
  • Classification and exchange of information and server settings
  • Adding ATP to the kernel and Memory Level
  • ASR gets to improve safety and controlled envelope
  • New SDN protection device and special practice allowed
  • Mac sim Linux in Windows status during this time
  • Streamlining full HTTP / 2 for quick and more secure sites
  • Full support for continuous memory or NV DIMM
  • Scalability up to 4 Petabytes for each bunch or cluster
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Windows Server 2019 Download

Windows Server 2016 relies on the new form of Windows Server 201 9 to streamline and expedite administration forms. Includes a wide variety of changes in hybrid, security, app platforms, and hyper-Kavarajad infrastructure segments.

Together, we will probably attempt to survey the most significant changes made to this new discharge.

Desktop like-looking thing is coming back to Windows Server 201 9. As we fully know, Windows Server 2016 after optimization the functions in all forms of Windows Server do not have an interface and should be supervised through the order line.

while Windows Server 201 9 includes a total GUI or GUI, it has been introduced as Windows Server 2016.
The new form of Windows Server 201 9 The system presents another element called Titus, whose main undertaking is to continually screen nearby reports. Combined with the machine-learning model 

This component can be utilized to mitigate potential issues In the new form of Windows Server 2019 

Download, all framework administration devices are available in the Windows Admin Center, a colossal advancement in the Windows Server Management Toolbox.
The most vital element is that there is no Internet association and Microsoft Azure, and it's totally nearby.

The new form likewise presents another job called Storage Migration Service (SMS), which empowers clients to index information and system settings, exchange SMB conventions to lists and exchange old servers without losing settings and applications. 

Refresh Changes in the security space incorporate Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which can stop any malignant action at the Memory and Kernel level and close the tainted procedures.

The module additionally has a ground-breaking Exploit Guard that does not permit execution of suspicious contents.

Unexpected hyper-convergence scale

In any case, Windows Server 2019 has security with a standout software-defined networking (SDN) in the highest Earth Security Highlights.

This element attributes the security of the dependent framework on the programming system, in which only certain products control particular movement, and later do not allow approved action by approved programming, which means that another Hijack running programming is an approach Do not enter the server. 

In the application platform area, it is extra-imaginable to run Windows and Linux containers simultaneously and buster Kubernets simultaneously.

The respect of the transporter character and the reduction of bears and extension of their productivity is one of the optional abilities of this area.

However, in relation to the changed foundation or HCI, we have a more comprehensive framework change than the different areas.

For example, by pressing the manifold pressures of the previous forms and the duplication process, you can use the space.

Installation Guide

1. First of all, download and decrypt all installed files.

2. Using the ISO burner software, burn the image on raw DVD, or use Roufus programs to roll the windows on a USB flash drive and then install Windows.

3. Activate Windows using one of your installed devices.

GVLK Series for Windows Server 201 9:

For editing datacenter and data center core:


For standard and standard core editing:

N69G4-B89J2-4G8F4-WWYCC-J464C GVLK

Series for Windows Server v1809: To edit datacenter core:

For standard core editing:


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Windows is perfectly placed on Microsoft versions, and only Windows Activation Tools is located inside the ISO file, which is why hash files are different from Microsoft.
To activate, simply run AACT software and click on Windows Activation Options or use Microsoft.


To activate Windows in KMS, you should only use the above-mentioned series to install Windows.

Datacenter editing is the most complete version of Windows Server 201 9, and it should be noted that there is a lack of GUI in core editing.

The V1809 version is a new generation of Windows servers but does not have a graphical user interface such as a core.

Download Links

The version  of Windows Server 2019 (November 13 Re-Information Release)

Version 64 - 5161 MB

Download - Part III

Information version of Windows Server V1809 (November 13 Re-Release) (no GUI)
Information version 64 - 3741 MB


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